Details of Completed & ongoing projects

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd - SBP plant

May 2018 – Feb 2020

Project description

ESSES has successfully completed a greenfield expansion of GACL SBP plant in 2020.

Monochloro Acetic Acid plant, Gujarat - India

May 2018 – Dec 2019

Project description

One of the leading producers of Mono Chloro Acetic acid (MCA) in India has entrusted us with process improvement, debottlenecking and capacity enhancement of its plant in the state of Gujarat. Within first month, ESSES has been able to assist the client in achieving KPIs with 150% increase in plant capacity with consistent product quality. ESSES looks forward to further improvements in the plant in coming months, as process improvement methodology gets fully implemented.

Dunn & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt Ltd - TEV Studies

Apr 2014 – Jun 2019

Project description

Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses. For more than 172 years, it has been offering risk management solutions to companies across the globe. ESSES is pleased to announce its formal association with D&B India, as “Client’s Independent Engineers (CIE)” & “Lender’s Independent Engineers (LIE)”. ESSES will assist D&B as their engineering partners for detail Technno Economic Viability (TEV) studies for projects in Chemical, Pharma and Oil & Gas industries.

Asterisk Chemicals Pvt Ltd, India

Jan 2018 – Jun 2018

Project description

After successful commissioning of its Photo Chlorination plant, Asterisk has awarded another plant design and commissioning supervision to ESSES. This plant processes the Chlorinated organic products from Photo Chlorination plant to further value added products. ESSES is glad to add value to clients’ manufacturing activities by virtue of its innovative design engineering.

Asterisk Chemicals Pvt Ltd, India: Photo chlorination plant,

Feb 2017 – Feb 2018

Project description

ESSES mandate was to design, commission and supervise a multi-product Photo chlorination plant for pharma intermediates. With our proven Photo chlorination technology, we successfully commissioned the plant within given time and cost constraints.

Voltek Energy Inc. - Bio waste gasifier

Apr 2017 – Sep 2017

Project description

Voltek is an innovative energy solutions company, specialising in waste-to-energy systems. After success of their first pilot project of biomass gasifier with us, Voltek has awarded another project to ESSES, to engineer a novel design of biomass gasifier. ESSES shall assist Voltek in process and detail engineering of a novel gasifier design, using latest simulation platforms.

Surge Analysis: IOT Infrastructure & Energy Services Ltd, India

Apr 2017 – Jun 2017

Project description

ESSES partnered IOT once again to carry out Surge analysis for IOT’s Raipur oil terminal line. Analysing this 150Km, 16″ line on sophisticated simulation softwares, ESSES was successful in providing mitigation measures for any resultant surge, with negligible cost and time implications for the client.

Umicore Anandeya Pvt Ltd, Goa - Detail Engineering of Zinc Oxide plant

Mar 2011 – Oct 2011

Project description

Umicore is the world leader in Zinc metal & Zinc Oxide and has recently started its Indian manufacturing operations. ESSES provided detail engineering support for electrical systems & utility piping for its Zinc Oxide plant at Sancoale – Goa.

AKER Powergas India Pvt Ltd - RIL's Pure Terephthalic Acid plant

Mar 2011 – Aug 2011

Project description

AKER once again trusted us with a sub-contract for a part of detail engineering package of Reliance Industries Ltd’s upcoming PTA plant at Dahej, India. This would be the biggest PTA plants in the world when it’s commissioned; and ESSES proudly associates with Aker in detail engineering activities of this prestigious project.

AKER Powergas India Pvt Ltd – Industrial Gasification & Liquefaction

Jan 2011 – Mar 2011

Project description

ESSES was awarded a sub-contract for developing a part of Front End Engineering Design – FEED – package of a coal gasification plant planned in Wyoming – USA. As our scope involved development of critical process engineering deliverables, we entered into a secrecy agreement with the client. ESSES seamlessly merged with AKER team to develop more than 300 P&IDs and process data sheets for this project. We proudly claim to have not only met the deadlines, but also achieved the set quality targets of the deliverables.

Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd, Renukoot – Material handling system for Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride plant.

May 2010 – Mar 2011

Project description

KCIL is one of the biggest Caustic-Chlorine players and a leading manufacturer of Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride in India. This product is highly sensitive to moisture and slightest exposure to atmosphere reduces its purity, liberating highly corrosive Hydrogen Chloride gas. ESSES was trusted with the assignment of designing a material handling system from reaction section to final packing section of the plant; which would maintain desired purity levels and also achieve a favourable size gradation in the final product. ESSES designed a closed system consisting of crushers, screw conveyors, bucket elevators and vibrating screens having dry air blanketing arrangement; which is successfully operating for more than a year now.

Mangal Industries, Nasik - Poly Aluminium Chloride Plant
Apr 2010 – Mar 2011

Project description

Mangal is a leading producer of Bleaching Powder & Non-ferrous Alum in India. ESSES was chosen as their engineering design partner for setting up a 10,000 TPA plant for Poly Aluminium Chloride from Alumina Tri Hydrate. ESSES designed the reaction, filtration & other ancillary systems for the PAC plant and it was successfully commissioned in 2011.

Talli Godavari Fine Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad – Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride expansion

Mar 2010 – Feb 2011

Project description

Our scope was process and detail engineering as well as project management. The plant was already producing Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride at a small scale, and the technology needed up-gradation to cater to stringent market demands. ESSES not only managed a timely completion of project, but as know-how suppliers, helped the client keep capital costs in check with our optimal designs.ESSES, by way of their designs, ensured an operational flexibility which is a must for such plants of smaller scales, without compromising on product quality.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd - Propylene drying system

Sep 2012 – Apr 2017

Project description

ESSES is assigned to engineer a molecular-sieves based, fully automated system to bring down moisture from 1000ppm to 5ppm in liquefied Propylene product. Our scope involves equipment design and detail engineering for the entire system as well as its commissioning and amalgamation with existing plant.

MUSE Consultants Pvt Ltd - Detail Engineering of Methanol Reforming Plant

Aug 2013 – Dec 2015

Project description

MUSE is an established know how supplier for separation technologies. ESSES teamed up with MUSE as basic and detail engineering consultant for a Methanol reforming plant, employing state-of-the-art catalytic reforming and PSA technology. The plant is successfully producing Hydrogen from Methanol since its commercialization.

Meghmani FineChem Ltd

Aug 2014 – Apr 2015

Project description

MFL, a leading Chlor-Alkali producer in India, trusted us with design, engineering and commissioning of a commercial pilot plant for Photo Chlorination. With our proven track record of Chlorination technologies, ESSES designed an immersed UV lamp type photo Chlorination reactor. When commercialized, this would be first-of-its-kind technology in India for large scale production of specialty polymers.

Platinum Biofuels Sdn Bhd, Malaysia – Technology up-gradation for bio diesel plant

Sep 2013 – Jun 2014

Project description

After successful de-bottlenecking of their bio-diesel plant, Platinum has awarded us with another project – that of technology up-gradation & detail engineering for the same. Process intensification using sophisticated Hydrodynamic cavitation and ultrasound technologies shall result not only in higher capacities from current infrastructure but also better efficiencies on raw material consumptions and lower energy costs.

IOT Design & Engineering - Oil Terminals

May 2013 – Mar 2014

Project description

IOT Design & Engineering is a joint venture between Indian Oil Corporation – one of India’s largest oil & gas companies – and Germany’s Oiltanking GmBH – one of the world’s biggest independent petroleum & chemical storage providers. IOT’s domain expertise is in oil terminals and upstream services. ESSES has been a preferred partner in developing operating philosophy & control logic for various oil terminals being executed by IOT – in India as well as in GECC.

CHEMCON Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Sep 2013 – Jan 2014

Project description

CHEMCON is a leading producers of advance pharma intermediates. With our expertise in Chlorination technologies, ESSES is awarded a brown field project of catalytic Chlorination plant near Vadodara – India. ESSES is offering Basic and Detail engineering services and also acting as the Project Management Agency.

Lanxess India Pvt Ltd: Thionyl Chloride Expansion

Mar 2012 – Sep 2012

Project description

Lanxess, a global leader in speciality chemicals and intermediates, is doubling their Thionyl Chloride plant capacity at Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. ESSES, equipped with sophisticated engineering softwares, is awarded process & mechanical engineering design for some of the critical process equipments.

Platinum Biofuels Sdn Bhd, Malaysia - De-bottlenecking of Bio diesel plant

Sep 2011 – Jan 2012

Project description

Platinum is a leading producer of Palm Methyl Esters (PMEs), popularly know as bio-diesel, in Malaysia. Its manufacturing facility was facing a few bottlenecks, especially in the economically critical process of Methanol recovery. ESSES promptly identified the trouble spots and arrived at its trademark optimal solutions. The end result was doubling of plant capacity with very minor cost and time implications for the client.

Talli Godavari Fine Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad – Multi product Pharma Intermediate plant.

Feb 2011 – Jan 2012

Project description

With the success of their Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride plant, the client trusted us with detail engineering of their second plant which was to have multi product synthesis capabilities. It included various unit processes like Friedel-crafts Acylation, Sulphonation, and Chlorination as well as many unit operations like distillation, filtration and drying. ESSES successfully carried out the detail engineering for this project and the plant is in operation since this year.