With total experience of all our team members exceeding hundred years, we can assure our clients with best engineering consulting services.

Front End Engineering Design
  • Piping & Instrument Diagrams for process streams & off-sites
  • Utility Distribution Diagrams
    Utility requirements – peak & average load calculations
  • Material selection & piping specifications
  • Conceptual equipment layouts
    Electrical load calculations
  • Overall key single line diagram for power distribution
  • Basic control philosophy
    Specifications & quantities of effluent
  • Safety requirements
Detail engineering

Process engineering

  • Process data sheets
  • Process data for control valves & safety valves specifications
  • Pump hydraulics calculations
    Process control logic
  • Effluent treatment philosophy
    HAZOP studies

Piping engineering

  • Plot plan & equipment layout drawings
  • Piping layouts & isometric drawings
    Design of hot & cold insulations
  • Bulk material take offs (MTO) & bill of quantities (BOQ)

Mechanical engineering

  • Mechanical design of equipments as per relevant codes
  • Enquiry specifications of static & rotary equipments
  • Specifications of utility packages and other vendor packages
  • Design of loading / unloading bays, tanker filling station, weighbridges etc.

Electrical engineering

  • Engineering calculations such as transformer sizing, voltage drop, cable sizing, lighting, lightening protection, battery & charger sizing, fault level calculation, relay setting & coordination etc.
  • Requisitions for electrical items such as HV / LV switchboards, power & distribution transformers, cables, light fittings, battery & charger, UPS, LCS etc.
  • Preparation of various layout drawings such as power / earthing layouts, lighting layouts, substation layouts etc.
  • Preparation of power & control cable schedule, interconnection cable schedule, bulk MTO for installation tender etc.

Instrument engineering

  • Selection of instruments
    Preparation of requisitions for various instruments
  • Specifications of PLC based control systems or DCS
  • Preparing instrument index, instrument connection diagrams, logic diagrams etc
  • Instrument cable schedule, instrument bulk MTO etc
    Instrument location plans, control room layouts etc

Civil and Structural engineering

  • Preparation of civil specifications
    Structural calculation for support, buildings, platforms etc.
  • Preparation of structural detail drawings
  • Preparation of general arrangement and elevation drawings
  • Civil / Structural MTO
Procurement Assistance
  • Preparation of tender documents for mechanical, piping, electrical and instrument erection and installation works.
  • Floating enquiries to existing vendors and development of new vendors
  • Technical bid analysis of vendors’ quotations & technical recommendations for order placement
  • Vendor document review after order placement
  • Periodic and final inspections at vendors’ workshops.