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We have a wide experience of various Chlorination technologies, both in organic as well as inorganic segments, over the last ten years –

  • Photo Chlorination
  • Catalytic Chlorination
  • Chlorination by
    • Gaseous Chlorine
    • Liquid Chlorine
    • Thionyl Chloride

Over the last couple of years, we have successfully implemented the technology for commercial production of Bio Diesel. It involves –

  • Bio diesel by esterification of Free Fatty Acids separated from Vegetable oils
  • Bio diesel by trans-esterification of Triglycerides of Vegetable oils.

We are also developing other green technologies for renewable energies, which we plan to scale up to commercial scale, like –

  • Fuel from plastic waste
  • Fuel from agro sources
please contact us for a specific product / process you wish to develop.
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